Please Forgive Me

“Please forgive me” I think,
As I trace the wrinkles,
On your bearded cheek,

Please forgive me for when I was two,
And screamed and cried,
Robbing you of sleep,

And for when I was five,
And rammed my bicycle so hard in your leg,
You limped for a week,

“Please forgive me” I whisper
As you stare out the window
At swirling specks of dust,

Please forgive me for when I was 8,
And first lied to you,
Broke your trust,

And the disappointment on your face,
As you taught me,
That honesty is a must

“Please forgive me” I say,
Even though you don’t hear,
And look out with unseeing eyes,

Please forgive me the teenage tantrums,
And rebellion,
And every roll of my eyes

And for my callous disregard,
My sulking silences,
My condescending sighs,

“Please forgive me” I cry,
Even though you don’t remember,
You don’t understand,

Please forgive those moments now long gone,
I could have spent with you,
Lost moments in the sand,

And the rage that overtakes me,
Of helplessness and frustration,
Of more sadness than I can stand,

Please forgive me,
Though you no longer know the words,
No longer know me,


Please forgive me for not knowing how to fight a war,
How to beat,
An invisible enemy,

And for letting you go,

Piece by piece,

I’m so sorry.




About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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