From Up Above


Years and years,

Of missing you

Of an empty seat,

In the room,



Tales they still tell me,

Of you and your greatness,

Of how for them,

You hung the moon.



They called you perfect,

With tears in their eyes,

And hearts still,

Overbrimming with love,



And I hope you can hear us,

Hope you smile seeing us,

Watching down on us,

From up above.



Faded memories,

Of your hands,

Emphasizing points,

While you speak wise words,



Eating apples you cut for me,

A game of cat and mouse

A walk in the park,

With the birds.



Memories that with such care,

I try to preserve.

Black and white with a scent,

Of old books,



Of smiles,

Your blackframed glasses,

Your cultured tone,

And amused looks



Always wishing we had had,

A little longer,

A few years,

So their stories could have been mine,



Always hoping you are happy,

Smiling with angels around you,

Waiting till I can join you

And find



The hero of the tales,

They still tell me,

With tears in their eyes,

And hearts filled with love,



I’m waiting for the day we can join you,

And smile and laugh,

Looking down,

From up above.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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1 Response to From Up Above

  1. Sean King says:

    Wonderful reflections of love from a talented poet… Thank you for sharing..

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