Yet Another Day

The words pop up,

Out of songs,

The books I read


And I remember.


It would have been years,

Years of beauty

Of Joy


Come this November.


I’ll hear your voice in the crowd,

As I walk down streets,

Head bowed down


I close my eyes in pain.


The memories come up

So unexpectedly

Out of nowhere


I can’t face being alone again.


My heart clutches

I see you everywhere

All the time


But you’re no longer here.


I know it’s time to be strong

Move on

Move forward


But to where?


So let me cry a little longer


And mourn


Just a little bit more


Till I no longer pick up the phone

Expecting your bright hello

Till I don’t wish to see your face,


Every time I walk to the door.


Just a little time longer,

To sit on the bench

Where we first met


When all our beauty just started.


Let me think of you,

All of you,

Most especially,


How soon you departed


Then, when I’m stiff and cold,

From having sat too long

And cried too much


I’ll get up and walk away


Never looking back,

Wiping the last tear

Saying goodbye and facing alone,


Yet another day.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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2 Responses to Yet Another Day

  1. Sean King says:

    Powerful… I love it…

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