She Says It’s Okay

She says its okay

In the silence of our room,
In the dark of the night,
Where I can’t see her face,
Or her eyes,
And I don’t want to see them either

She says its okay

In her soft, croaky voice,
That breaks in between
And catches on each syllable,
As if forcing them through
Bruised throat
And split lips

She says its okay

As she struggles
Not to move too much,
But she sometimes can’t help it,
And her words mingle,
With moans of pain,
And gasps

She says it’s okay

Even as she holds her side,
There may have been a broken rib,
This time,
Even as the bruises spread across her skin,
Like ripples on a water,
Just as silently,
Just as wide

She says it’s okay

As tears run down her face,
Making her wince,
As it goes over swollen cheekbones,
And the still open wound
On her lip,
Running through with her blood

She says it’s okay,

As once again,
Like so many night before,
I sink to my knees before her
And cry into her lap,
While she hesitantly moves
Her hand through my hair,
Like a startled dove

She says it’s okay,

Even while she trembles with shock,
At what my rage has done,
That other me did,
Like I’ve done before,
Even though, like now,
I promised to never do it again

She says it’s okay
But we both know it’s not.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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2 Responses to She Says It’s Okay

  1. Misha Raza says:

    Sahar this is amazingg stuff

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