Shielded Heart


I’ve controlled myself,

Bit by bit,

Lesson by lesson,

To turn to ice,

To steel,

To a shield.


Every word you say,

That sinks like poison into flesh,

And cold into bones,

I’ve stored up,

And molded,

And shaped,

Till it became my protector.


Every time you turned your face away,

And left me rejected,

Feeling worthless,


I took that too,

And strengthened myself on my tears.


Your anger and your taunts,

Your burning words of hate,

When I only wanted love,

Are the memories that,

Toughened me up bit by bit,

Till my skin was iron,

And no more of your darts could penetrate.


Your indifference, and the way you,

Never listened,

Never cared,

Was all the hurt I needed,

To complete my shield,

One more material forged,

From your inflicted pain.


All my broken dreams,

My shattered pride,

And bruised soul,

Rebelled within me,


So you would never know


I’m  bitter and I’m angry,

But at least I can say

I survived

So thank you for that,

For all the lessons

For my shield,

But now it’s time to go.


Here’s to moving on,

To growing stronger,

Each day,

On hate,

Here’s to living on,

Being brave,

Forgetting apologies,

Come too late.


Here is to my shielded heart.

Protected now,

With barbs of iron,

And locks of steel,

Here is to pain and memories,

And a life of never having known,

The fake

From the real


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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1 Response to Shielded Heart

  1. Ahmer says:

    Another relatable piece.
    U write really well Sahar. Keep this up. This one is incredible.
    Buss keep believing in this; what others do to us makes us stronger.

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