Beautiful Mess


You’re a beautiful mess,

A symphony of pain,

A never rising phoenix,

Who falls again and again


You sold yourself short,

And lost yourself in doubt,

You’re such a pretty tangle,

From the inside out


Always seeking attention,

Defiant against the creed

You smile so brilliantly,

While inside you bleed


You’re sinking in a sea

Too deep for you to swim,

You’re a bubbling concoction

Set to over brim


You laugh far too loud,

A bright bubble covered in grime,

Such a delicious facade you are,

Such a dainty waste of time,


Such filthy words,

From such a gorgeous mouth,

Being so defensive with your attitude,

You bright uncouth


Living such a dark world,

Mistakenly thinking you belong,

With users as your friends

You couldn’t be more wrong


 The people who are with you,

The air that you breathe,

It is foul, it is deadly,

What you so desperately need


 Shoving away,

Hands wanting to help,

Selfish and spoiled,

You sweet little whelp


The dark world you’ve chosen,

Is no place for you,

You think its bright and glitzy,

Its false and untrue


You walk the fence in between

Collapse and rebirth,

You lovely lie,

Settling for less than you’re worth


Such a tarnished glow

Who has fallen so far,

Trapped by your own misgivings,

Beautiful mess that you are


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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4 Responses to Beautiful Mess

  1. Shaikh says:

    The direct mode of address (to the reader by the use of the word ‘you’) makes the reader feel so bad about themselves (well it did for me anyway)- very gut wrenching

  2. You have nicely rhymed.

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