Tell Me


Call it a dream

An illusion


Please just don’t tell me it was real


Say it was a mirage

A delusion


The way I used to feel.


Tell me that wasn’t me,

The fool


Who gave so easily of her heart


Let me know I didn’t cry,

Don’t be cruel


I wasn’t torn apart


I cant remember myself,

You see


I’ve pushed the memories so far back


I remember loving

Being free,


And then it all goes black.


Tell me I was strong,

Took it well,


Noone knew my world lay in shards.


Did I use a mask of oblivion,

Pray tell,


I didn’t crash too hard.


But you are silent I see,

You don’t say,


The things I need to save my pride


Your look holds pity,

I know I will pay


For all the secrets I couldn’t hide


Love is cruel is it not my friend?

It takes and takes


Till you are all dry


AhI see I did bleed myself,

The proof is in


That there are no more tears to cry


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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2 Responses to Tell Me

  1. words4jp says:

    This is very powerful and quite a poignant piece. I have lived this piece.

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