Prisoner of Cupid.


No one sees the bruises,

The ones imprinted on your pride,

The scratches on your ego,

The wounds on the inside

He says that he loves you

Holds you, oh so gently

But you know it won’t last long,

This will all be a memory


It starts with snide remarks and smirks,

Cruel and taunting words,

Words that swarm around your mind,

Like a flock of angry birds.

Verbally he lays you bare,

Exposed, vulnerable to pain,

He strips you of your dignity

Before saying he’s sorry again.


Your very home is a minefield,

Any second it could all just blow,

Tick tock tick tock,

Watch the clock hands go

You wait for the explosion.

For something to tip the scales,

His excuse to light the fuse,

A time old ritual that never fails


Disapproval lacing the air

An icy silence that chills your spine,

You praying that it will be over soon,

It will all soon be fine,

You repeat the wish in your head,

As he tears you into shreds,

Till you’re left numb and cold,

Your dignity left for dead


An ongoing war it always is,

Between your spirit and him,

You are barely winning the battle,

His patience is wearing thin,

You can see it in his eyes,

With every word that drips with disdain,

He’s desperate to see you break,

Your struggles are all in vain



Why do you stay with him?

His every sentence has the power of a blow,

Is it because you are helpless?

There is nowhere left to go?

Or because of something much more serious,

A little joke on Irony’s part

Is it simply because,

The monster still owns your heart?


Live on, wounded martyr,

In your gilded cage of nerves and tears,

Where humiliation is a constant companion,

Your cries no one hears.

Live as Cupid’s hostage,

Always staring at the door,

I’m afraid there’s no help for you, my dear,

There’s no escape anymore.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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4 Responses to Prisoner of Cupid.

  1. words4jp says:

    This is a very powerful poem. I felt as if I was reading about my mother. She loved my father. She really loved him. She was a prisoner of Cupid.

  2. This is timely for me. Heartbreakingly beautiful and sad.

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