I’m Done


Im done

Done being left out in the rain

Left wanting again


Suck it up you bloodthirsty wannabees

Thinking you can control me,

Thinking you own me

Never gonna happen


I am something special

And I let you treat me like much less

So it is my fault too

But that’s all I will confess


So goodbye my bosom vipers

So long to your frivolous games

I will forget your faces

Your voices your very names


You led me along

Drained the laugh out of me

Flooded my vision

Till you are all I can see


But I am so much stronger than your mind tricks

So much better than that

Ill go away now

Leave you lying flat


Did you think it so funny?

Stringing me along?

Now its time for you to be dancing

To my song


Im out the door, On the driveway

On my way to so much more

You may regret me, you may not

Doesn’t matter anymore


I wont be left hurting

Not now nor ever again

And after all saying goodbye to you

Is like saying goodbye to pain


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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9 Responses to I’m Done

  1. Loved your words , painted a clear image in my mind of all the emotions you went through

  2. words4jp says:

    this is awesome – very strong. I like this very much:)

  3. Shaikh says:

    I couldn’t stop smiling as I read this 🙂 hahaha
    Take care,
    Salams to all 🙂

    • saharsalman says:

      LOL!! Hamzaaa! How are you!! How have your exams been going!!!

      • Shaikh says:

        Alhumdulillah I’m surviving, but like everyone, I am just so tired!!! Exams…hmm…write a poem on exams; turn them into something funny 🙂 I have 5 left InshAllah, so … please pray for me 🙂 Are your exams finished? How’s it all going? HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way, sorry I forgot, I was reminded by the fact that it’s Umar’s birthday tomorrow (and your amazing poem of course!) How is everyone?

      • saharsalman says:

        I’m sure u r tired =(.. i once did actually.. in class 5!! =p// exams finished and went well.. counting days till trip to AbuDhabi!! and thankyou so much!! Everyone is good =D good luck for the rest of the exams!!

  4. Shaikh says:

    hahahahahaha you were a poet then too…wow! Glad everything went well 🙂 Thank you, InshAllah! Really looking forward to when you guys come back InshAllah!!! Make sure you fit us into your busy schedule!! heheheheheee

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