The Never Taken Step


Standing on the edge

Watching the cars down below


Always racing

Don’t know where they are trying to go.


Sigh and loosen your tie

Get the crick out of your neck


So tired

Just wanting to forget


Your suit is crumpled

You haven’t slept in days


Elusive rest

From the way life plays


Bloodshot eyes and ashen face,

Your suicide note lies on your desk


So soon

You will be able to rest


Funny how outside in the noise

The clock still ticks inside your head


Ticking down

Till the moment you are dead.


Its cold up here in the evening,

With no one to see you up so high


Always invisible

Will they even notice if you die?


Those scores of hurrying people,

With their jobs, families and 6 oclock shows


Blissfully uncaring

But that’s just how it goes


Take a breath, this is it

A foot in the air


One Jump

You are almost there


But wait, you cant go on

Fear and shame are in your eyes


Turn away

Back to lifes lies


Back to nothingness and lonliness

In an empty home


Back to

The desperation you call your own


That step you didn’t take

Is going to always pull you down


Living coward

Screaming silently you still drown.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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6 Responses to The Never Taken Step

  1. words4jp says:

    wow, this is very intense and powerful. in many ways I have had moments like this.

    beautiful writing:)

  2. Sean King says:

    Amazing and beautifully written.

  3. aurish ali says:

    ur gud in depicting emotions…have u got such feelings or had you been in sm bitter love story?? live ur life up girl nd stop being a depressed guy.

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