“Peace,” They Said “Peace”


After the events in Boston that led to Muslims again being seen as suspicious terrorists by many people I decided to write this poem. We fear what we do not know. I would like to inform all Non-Muslims, that no, we arent terrorists. Please dont judge us by the things other do supposedly in Islams way. We are’nt all like that. We are like you with families we care and fear for. With hopes and dreams. And I am sorry that many of you will never learn who we are, what the message of Islam is. These killings and bomb blasts? These aren’t us. Islam condemns violence. The message God gave through Islam was peace. Our Prophet asked for peace. We are not murderers.

When the world was half-buried,

In war and pain,

And the right were wronged

Again and again,

And the days were as dark,

As the still desert nights,

And the crying and sobs,

Would not cease,

“Peace” said the Prophet, “Peace”


When the women were sold,

From father to son,

With no place in the world,

No haven where to run,

And when day by day,

Their desperation increased,

“Peace” said the Prophet, “Peace”


The poor would beg till their dying days,

And then their orphans begged in turn,

And the rich rejoiced in every plea,

Draped in silks of gold spun,

And when the injustices heaped up,

The sorrow never abating the least,

“Peace” said the Prophet, “Peace”


And lies were told at every turn,

Blood flowed like rivers through the streets,

And a mans respect lay in the heinous,

In his unprincipled, wild feats,

And when drunken cruel orgies

Reached their peaks,

“Peace” said the Prophet, “Peace”


And now when the bombs explode,

And dead lie open-eyed on the roads,

The name of Islam disintegrates,

As a few of us begin to corrode,

And in this world,

Where terror is blamed on the East,

A few of us sadly stand

“Peace” we say “For God’s sake, Peace”


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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8 Responses to “Peace,” They Said “Peace”

  1. words4jp says:

    this is a beautiful poem. i am very sorry that you even felt the need to write it. Speaking for myself, I am not someone who believes in this way and I have taught my children to embrace the differences in our culture and to see the similarities of our hearts:) xx

  2. Sean King says:

    I love this poem, I love your words, I love your spirit, and I am thankful that you wrote it even though you shouldn’t have to. I am a Christian with a diversity of friends who subscribe to different beliefs. Muslims from Somalia, Yemen, America, Egypt, Pakistan, Palestine, etc. They all preach peace and I love them all. Hindus and Sikhs from India. Buddhist from China, Japan, Vietnam. Yoruba from Nigeria. Christians from everywhere in the world.

    What have I learned, I’ve learned that we are imperfect, growing people of beautiful potential and horrific shortcomings, but this has nothing to do with our God.

    What did I take away from the latest bombing and media outrage against Muslims? That I need to read the Qur’an for myself so that I can know what Allah and the Prophet Muhammad say instead of what the media says.

    Here is a link to what I wrote about the incident: http://seanking.net/2013/04/20/whats-real/

    Insha’Allah/God Willing the people will see beyond the smoke and mirrors and learn to embrace one another. Peace and blessings to you.

    • saharsalman says:

      Many many thanks for your kind and wise words. I am honored that people with your insight and integrity took the time to read my poem! People like you are very rare.. and I hope that others will see life as you do. Peace to you as well!!!

      • Sean King says:

        Thank you. I am honored by your kind words as well. You’ve made me smile on this beautiful day and I am thankful to have come across your blog.

        In terms of insight, wisdom, and my words; I can’t take credit for them. I can only say I have met so many wonderful people of different backgrounds that have opened my eyes and challenged my perceptions. I remember the first conversation I had with a good friend of mine from Yemen, and how disrespectful I was toward her. I’m thankful I was able to learn from it and she was willing to be patient and teach me. Because of her and all the other people I’ve met, I have come to see the positive side of humanity that’s not often talked about in the media.

        I look forward to reading more of your work and hopefully engaging you in meaningful conversation in the near future. If ever I can do anything for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

        p.s. I split my musings, poetry, and post between my wordpress site and my FB page at https://www.facebook.com/anpu1911. You are more than welcome to join me on either or both. I am here to grow and to do my part. Peace..

      • saharsalman says:

        Thanks Sean!! I too look forward to many more conversations and reading more of your work!!! Peace!

      • Sean King says:

        On a side note, your poem and our conversation inspired this thought this morning. Thank you.


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