For Nana.


This poem is a tribute and epitaph for my grandfather who passed away 13 March 2008. He was a truly great man. And an amazing grandfather. Love you Nana.. forever.


I’m standing on a beach,

And you are in a boat,

A boat come to take you away.

Across wide seas,

Seas I cannot cross,

Seas that separate tomorrow from today.


You have a sad smile on your face,

There is pity plain to see,

The pity is not because you are going away,

It is all for me,

Since I cannot come with you,

I must cross the seas another day.


You float along gentle waves,

To the hungry horizon,

Where only white light can I see,

You seem to see so much more,

You see another shore,

A painless eternal destiny,


Before all the Ages take you,

Spare me an hour Nana,

An hour is all I need,

Tell me the tales, you waited to tell,

Teach me the things you had no time to teach,

One hour, turn back to me.


Don’t take away the light Nana,

You gave each time,

You walked into the room,

Just  a few minutes,

Just to tell you at last,

All  I had forgotten to say,

Just to whisper ‘I love you’ before you sail away.


I don’t know when I shall see you again,

Give me a few seconds ,

For the last kiss, the last hug, I never gave,

Let me hear your voice,

Say anything,

One last memory to keep,

Before you sail away.


You are gone now nana,

There is no boat anymore,

I cannot see you on the other shore,

You took away small  things,

Things I never thought I would need,

But  now I do,

Now that you have sailed away.

You had no power over that last hour nana,

Or those minutes or seconds never to be,

I cry here on the beach nana,

For all those memories that could but will not be,

I cry because a boat came and took you away from me…


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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10 Responses to For Nana.

  1. words4jp says:

    this is beautiful. it makes me think about my friend – he will be gone one year on monday and i wish i could have said so many things. this is a lovely tribute to your grandfather.

  2. awww lovely poem. i miss my nana too. He died of a stroke/heart complication. I would love to hear a story from him. Your poem is beautiful x

  3. Beautiful! It captures a lot of my heart for my Tutu Man. I saw that you Liked my own entry, “My Grandfather, A Hawaiian Man.” He told the best stories, and passed on his love of our heritage to me. Thank you for that reminder.

  4. Wow…I lost my grandfather in 2008 also. This was a beautiful testimony of love! So glad I happened upon your blog.

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