Set the world aflame

Blaze it to the ground

Alight with all the light inside

Implode without a sound

Volcano that you are

Molten lava at your core

Combust, consume, catch fire

Untill theres nothing dark left within you anymore

Burn on, burn sure

Be the beacon in glaring white skies

Reach that point within the sun

Where no one will hear triumphant cries

You are alive

You are the flames of fire

You are the light

Climb even higher

Explode, expose, exult

Within the the heat of each galaxys Sun

And when you spread fiery wings across eternity

Then you will know you have won.




About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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2 Responses to Ablaze

  1. words4jp says:

    The picture is mesmerizing. This a wonderful poem. Very inspiring. I am going to print this one and tape it on my refrigerator at home. May sound a bit odd, but this is a great spot to read these words and be reminded of these words. 🙂

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