My Sin of Indifference


 A thousand shards of glass

All pressed through skin to soul

But I don’t feel even one

I don’t care

Let the pain consume me whole


I stare at candle flame,

Bright in an orange glow,

But theres no heat within me

I burn just by being near

A warmth I once used to know


Numb inside and out,

I realize there should be pain

When scars turn

from white to red

And from red to white again


But theres nothing there

No awareness of myself or me,

Be it dark

Or be it light

I have forgotten how to see


You cry for me

Tears long ago I ceased to shed

I only sigh to see you mourn

As I lie uncaring

Curled up on blood soaked bed


They call me dark and turn away,

They call me broken and sigh

I’m neither

My sin is worse

I just don’t care enough to cry


Cant weep for myself

For the loss of all that was me

Joy and smiles

And laughing eyes

All life and hope now a memory


Cant weep for you

As you despair seeing me encased in ice

Cant come alive

Reassure you

Feeling is not worth its price


So I will go to Hell and suffer

The devil alone will have to care

I certainly don’t

I certainly wont

Theres no guilt, no hurt, no fear


I’ll pay for it all I know

Pay for my sin of indifference

But till then

Till Judgement Day

I’ll revel in the lack of agony’s presence





About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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2 Responses to My Sin of Indifference

  1. words4jp says:

    this is absolutely incredible. really. sometimes i wish i was indifferent, just from the point of view that i would not have to think about something or have it weigh my mind – however, i would prefer to ‘feel’ – be it happy or sad. beautiful poem.

    • saharsalman says:

      Thankyou so much. As usual your comments never fail to make me smile. Indifference is attractive no when you need a break from the world? And feeling is also part of lifes blessings

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