Just Because


I remember the day I had enough,

Enough of the frustration, low esteem, self doubt.

I couldn’t take the tears anymore,

Or the tension within

All I wanted was my own timeout


I walked away from the world,

From people calling out my name

Running home,

To my safe place,

Where I didn’t have to play the worlds games.


I turned on the tap in the shower

And fully clothed stepped in

Sitting on cold wet tile floors,

Letting hot water rush over me

Trying to quell the fire of questions within


Why do we stay awake in the day

And sleep only at night

Why not vice versa,

The other way

Who said it was right?


Why do we need four seasons a year

Why don’t we have five,

Why do the old suffer

While the young linger

And the sick don’t survive


Why isn’t there a purple sky

And how come we can’t touch stars

Why do we need money

And lines and queues

And do we really need cars?


I remember you came home

Calling my name, trying to find me

They told you I was upset

I wasn’t answering my phone,

So you came to our safe place knowing where I’d be.


You hear the shower pounding

See the steam pouring from the door

You come in and look at me

Clothed in the shower

Asking with your eyes but nothing more


So I ask you all my questions,

Ask them in rambling words

You tilt your head and listen

Not saying anything

Not thinking me absurd


You think them over

And I watch with tears in my eyes

And you say “Just Because”

And just like that

The pain in me dies.


You step in the shower with me

Understanding like no one does

You sit and link pinky fingers with me

And we sit clothed in the shower

Sit there “Just Because”


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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13 Responses to Just Because

  1. words4jp says:

    this brought tears to my eyes. beautiful. thank you for writing.

  2. Shaikh says:

    Very nice, nice to read after a hard day
    (this is an old, forgotten friend…guess?)

  3. ModWestMuse says:

    Masha’allah, a great poem! An ‘aspiring poet’ you are not. You are a poet 🙂

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