Ctrl. Shift. Delete.


Select All


That’s it.

Erase all the words


Just like that


Why do you ask?

Well because!

Oh well.

Yes. Because Isn’t an answer is it?


I suppose

To be philosophical.

And really,

Aren’t we all turning to philosophy?

I suppose, I want you to delete it all

Because at least

On a laptop,

On a computer

With its keys and its functions and commands

You can.

That’s right

You can.

You can make all those black Times New Roman characters go away

Like they never existed



Not like life.


In life you cant erase so prettily

Word Documents don’t come blank

Scars get left behind

And emotional baggage

And faint traces of tear tracks.

So go on.

Make a mess on Paint!

Write absolute nonsense on Excel cells!

Download a million useless pictures

And photoshop them

And facebook accounts?

Make a dozen.

Because at the end

They can just be

Very simply

Very neatly.

Removed from virtual memory

Just press



About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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4 Responses to Ctrl. Shift. Delete.

  1. ModWestMuse says:

    well cntrl’d poem. making me shift and think. delete this, I’ll certainly not. this is well tab. hats off. caps lock 😉

  2. there’s so much i could write, there’s only so much i can delete 🙂

  3. saharsalman says:

    Select All button 😉 .. but no i understand! People never think about the deleting part when they are writing!

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