Empty Halls of Yesterday


These hallowed halls I walk again,

Through these faded eyes I see.

Decades old dust swarms about

Finally, by movement set free

White sheets on antique furniture

Billow around in musty air,

Cobwebs cling to my wrinkled skin,

Get caught in my grey thin hair

Silver mirrors, cracked with age

Reflect distorted images of the past,

Ivy creeps over the window frames

The only living thing to last

Black dead roses in grimy vases stand,

As still as the air around,

My faltering steps, in abandoned corridors,

On creaky floorboards resound

Echoes vibrate through the empty rooms,

Of childish voices filled with glee

Ghost like memories of loved ones,

Move around ignoring me

How strange it is that after all these years..

The smell of burnt wood and flesh prevails,

Preserved within soot covered walls,

And hidden amongst ash dusted veils.

I limp across a barren courtyard,

And out of the smoke charred door,

And look back at the house that was all I had

And now stands forgotten, unsure,

I touch the scars on my face,

As I stand stooped in the dying light,

Seeing again the flames towering ablaze,

Red agony against sorrowful night.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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