A Change is Coming


This is both a lament and a message for my country. We have passed through horrible times but never broken. And now finally, though at great price.. a change is coming.

The widows eyes are red from crying

Their hearts are empty

Their souls are sighing

But now hope arrives

Their spirits start humming

They whisper beneath their breath

A change is coming.. A change is coming


The orphans are thin and starved for food

Their clothes are tattered,

Their lifestyle crude

But their lonely hearts have found solace

Up and down the streets they go running

Panting out words

A change is coming.. a change is coming


The poor of the land straighten out breaking backs

And lift tired eyes to the sun

Their cupboards are bare

The landlords demand impossible sums

With no jobs to be had

And fear so numbing

They still manage to say

A change is coming.. A change is coming


The rich, the powerful,

Are drunk on success

They have wealth from bribery,

Lawlessness and duress

They steal they hoard

But their hearts in fear  are now  drumming

They also know

A change is coming.. A change is coming


The country has awoken

The people have taken all they could bear,

The widows orphans and poor,

Will no longer despair

They hold hands together

And warriors for peace becoming

They shout to the skies

A change is coming.. A change is coming


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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