The Men in White Coats


They said I had time but they lied

They said years not days

Months not minutes

Time for goodbyes

The men in white coats said I had time


They said she had time

Weeks and weeks

Hours and hours

The men in white said I would have time

Before shes no longer mine


They took so much those men in white

Protesting they are saving my life

As they took my hair, my blood,

They took away seconds I could have spent

Saying farewell to him before I go


They  pushed her so hard those men in white

With needles and rays

And tests and graphs

Their pushing her so hard

Will be the last things she knows


How can I let him suffer?

The pain that is life

When a love has gone

How can I leave him behind

To deal with the grief and fears


How can I let her go?

In to the beyond

Where she will be scared

And no one will hold her hand

When she cries silent tears


But maybe he will love again..

Someone un sick who can

Do all the things I cant

And make him happy

Like I wont be able to do


But maybe she will be happy

To be without pain

To not take her meds

And run about freely

Without limitations and curfews


So I will just say goodbye through my eyes

Not crying

Not being afraid

And let him know I love him

And that he should love again

Once these days have passed by


So I will say goodbye through my eyes

Be strong for her

And Set her free

And let her know I love her

I will never forget her

Even after that one final sigh


The men in white coats told us

That we didn’t have much time

Just days not years

To say goodbye

But perhaps this is better

Less painful to let go


Because we need only speak through our eyes

And then gently sorrow


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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4 Responses to The Men in White Coats

  1. meiro says:

    Absolutely beautiful…., love it Sahar.


  2. saharsalman says:

    Thankyou Mei! I’m so glad it made an impact!

  3. Mehnaz Ahsan says:

    Sahar this is phenomenal!! Love all your poems!

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