Childhood Place


Walk down old paths,

With a soft yearning smile

Fool yourself

Tell yourself

Its just been a while


Autumn leaves are falling,

As you go up the old neighborhood

Watch them fall

Break away

The past was always so good


The old parks still there

The swings swaying in the breeze

Summer days

Childhood friends

A life full of ease


Can you hear the old bands playing?

The songs we kept on rerun

As we talked away

Laughed away

Carefree days in the sun


Hug your arms to yourself

As you see old faces on the children around

Faces  you grew up with

Then left behind

Now running in your old playground


Look up to old brick buildings

At familiar graffiti on the wall.

This is home

I was here

I’ve missed it all.


Smile over old memories as you leave

That nothing can replace

The laughs we had

The tears we shed

In this beautiful old childhood place


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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7 Responses to Childhood Place

  1. meiro says:

    A mesmerizing memory. Thank you for sharing Sahar.


  2. passionwriting says:

    this is fabulous…seems like u remember ur childhood place a lot….where was it..?

  3. Shaikh says:

    I just read this 🙂 Really nice 🙂 Are we the old faces? 🙂 There is no Autumn in Abu Dhabi hahahahaha (I know its just part of the poem- it gives it that western kick)

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