Cheers resound through the pit.

The viewers make their bets

Today will be a battle

A battle no one will forget

The huge emperor in purple robes

Wine spilling from his lips,

Laughing with everybody from court

As the drink steadily drips

All at once the cymbals clang

Announcing the start of the great fight

The entire stadium looks to the sandy centre

There will be blood spilt tonight

At last a gate opens

And the people strain to see

The gladiator who will do battle!

From who all the others flee

His face is grim his body strong

His bronze muscles are slick with sweat

Hes come to conquer come to win

His eyes gleam beneath the helmet

The second gate opens

and the crowd holds their breath

Who will enter and fight

In the Arena of Death

A low growl sounds

And heavy footsteps echo all around

Behold! The warrior is a lion

Pawing the ground

The crowd is expectant..

Let the battle begin!

Let the man and beast fight it out!

Lets see who will win!

At once they meet

And brawn and claw combine

Leather and teeth clash

Steel and muscle align

The audience cries out in exultance!

Excitement pumps through the crowd

Shrieks and yells and whistles sound

50,000 shouts  loud

Again they pound together

And blood rises and spills to the floor

They are both hungry for victory now

They want the kill even more

Roar and shout

Yell and growl

No rules apply

No fair no foul

The lion is bleeding badly,

It has soaked through his fur

The crowd is deathly quiet

They don’t even whisper

Both man and beast are tired

Drenched in blood sweat and gore

But the lion is dying

He cannot do anymore

It was the battle of the decade

A tribute to manly strength

And the gladiator breaks the lions neck

And collapses to the ground spent

But the crowd rises on their feet

Wild cheers and flowers up in the air

Testimony to the gladiator

The Warrior without Fear


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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