Desert Prince, Come Home


Prince of the desert,

Of gold spread sands..

Come home faraway Arab,

Come back to your land


Walk across sand dunes,

That shift every hour,

Ever changing, ever moving,

Serene in their power.

Watchers of the desert,

Turning purple with the night,

Softly slipping and building,

Catching the burning sunlight.


Camp out with the camels,

In tents of red silk,

Dine on roasted meat,

And drink pure milk.


Do you remember the sweet dates?

That stained your lips and hands,

As you climbed up date trees as a boy,

And rolled in the sands.


And women with dark doe eyes,

In gold jewelry and clothes black,

Moving like the desert,

Beckoning you back..


Horse sweat and saddle leather,

Ittar and henna and desert jasmine,

The smell of burning incense,

Of the blazing Eastern wind


Horses that thunder,

Across sandy plains,

Glittering swords,

Everlasting thirst for the rain


Falcons that scream,

As they fly to the sunlight,

And beyond across blue seas,

But even they return with moonlight.


So come Arab prince,

Come where you belong,

Starlight shines softly,

The night wind calls you home.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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2 Responses to Desert Prince, Come Home

  1. What a vivid journey you have written..I can almost smell the leather from the saddle drifting in the air.

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