Where We Gonna Go?


You stare out the window,

So thats what I do too.

How did we get here?

Where we going to?

You have screamed yourself hoarse,

I’ve cried all my tears.

And now we both are alone,

With our hopes and fears.


How did we get here?

Where we gonna go?

You drive like everythings ok..

We both know it aint so

Everything is breaking

Like glass on a picture frame,

All my dreams are shaking,

I wish we never came.


Watch the trees flashing by,

silence fills up the car,

I look out the window,

hope for a shooting star.

I can smell your perfume,

I gave it to you last May.

Its filling up my space

Breathing words you dont say


How did we come to be here?

Whens the fighting gonna end?

Will you be the first to break the quiet?

Or should I just give in and bend?


I turn my head,

One quick glance,

See you are sorry,

It’s in your stance.

Im sorry too…

Didnt mean to hurt you

Didnt mean to make you mad,

With all the stuff i do


Driving on the highway,

No idea where we are,

I take your hand and sigh,

I dont like you being so far.

You shoot a look at me,

Squeeze my fingers gently,

I guess the fights over,

But somethings bothering me.


Where are we going?

Where will it all end?

How long till we get there..

Will the break ever mend..


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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2 Responses to Where We Gonna Go?

  1. abichica says:

    this is so beautiful… 🙂

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