Societies Nutcases


Well well well,

Look whos here today,

Come to judge the sinners,

Come to drive the different away

Societies very best,

Come to proclaim right from wrong,

And all of them just nod,

They all go along


Mrs High and Snooty,

With designer dresses and bags,

2 and 20 plastic surgeries,

On her cigarette drags

In her drawling voice says

She actually does DISHES

They cant afford a cook!

Aren’t they afraid ofSOCIETY

About how they will look?


Mr. Big Man,

With his mansion and bank of cash,

Always talking politics,

Never paying his income tax

He blusters about the economy,

Saying the countries gone to dogs!

Its all these lazy poor people!

They just wont get jobs!


Miss Little Perfect,

College isn’t too far,

She wants all the works,

Pretty clothes, Big huge car

Her parents struggle with bills,

Theres the rent to pay,

But DAD!

What will everyone say!


Mr. Nice Guy,

Future nice and bright,

Apple of his parents eyes,

Never gotten in a fight.

Now he’s on drugs,

And he is flunking school.

But that’s ok

At least he is cool


But lets forget the ugly things.

Lets not talk about Ms. Domestic Abuse,

After all her husbands works in high places,

Of course its an excuse.

Lets not think about war,

Or hunger in the streets,

Lets not worry about Mr. Lost his Job

How he cant make ends meet.


Lets ignore the kids high all the time,

They are young it’s ok.

And about Mrs. Sad and Divorced,

We will speculate but wont actually say

Lets gossip about Ms. Skinny Jeans,

But you didn’t hear it from me!!

Actually my aunts friends bosses boyfriend,

Knows who went with her to St. Louis!


Societies bright examples,

Their eyes that judge at every turn,

Unwilling to change.

Unwilling to learn.

Let the whole world fall to pieces,

We will watch the devil run us down,

Societies classic nutcases,

Are ruling the town.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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