Endless Mist over Broken Roads


There is endless mist,

Over broken roads,

We travel over them to relive the past.


Trying to bring back the magic,

Live out old love songs,

On our twisted paths.


So I am standing here again,

In my dreams,

Seeing your face.


How do you manage to come even here,

My private world,

My secret place.


Your beautiful face haunting,

Just like it does in real life,

Why are you here again?


It’s been months since you visited me here,

Since I have seen that smile,

Since I have felt that pain.


Who gave you that right,

To come taunt me again,

With all I regret?


Why should you show me,

What I have missed?

What I cant forget..


There is endless mist,

Over broken roads,

I should know.


I have tried to move on,

Put it all behind,

To let it go.


I wake up in cold sweat, your smile lingering

where my heart used to be,

Before it turned to a block of ice.


You are still behind my eyelids,

As I face the day,

Trying to act nice.


You are a million miles away,

But not far enough,

If you can still be my night time illusion.


I try not to think about you,

cos it hurts to wake up,

And know you are a deadly delusion.


So dont visit me no more,

And let me get up

And go on.


There is endless mist,

Over broken roads,

And I must travel them alone.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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