Rise Friend


Life pushed you down hard,

The cuts and bruises show,

It knocked you when you were down,

It hit really low.


I watched you twitch on the floor,

Struggling to rise to your feet,

There was never a hint of surrender,

no sign of defeat.


I offered a hand,

Just like you have done to me.

You grinned and took it,

But only lightly.


Never putting too much weight,

in case I fell as well,

But just enough,

So i couldnt tell.


I watched in pride,

As you battled your woe,

Some wars you won,

some were conceded to the foe.


I rooted  on the sidelines,

As you lifted your face joyously to the light,

I cried silently with you,

When there was only night.


You still fight the darkness,

But you are bitter and cold,

And suddenly you seem,

so very old.


But its ok my friend,

To lose a bit of hope,

to feel Like you have reached,

the end of your rope.


Cos I will be there,

When It’s too hard to go on,

when you are feeling weak,

When you think you are alone.


You see so little,

Of what I know is in you,

You think yourself weak,

You dont know what I do.


I know you will pick yourself up,

Again and again,

You will smile through it all,

You will fight the pain.


Cos thats who you are,

Your heart is in the right place,

Theres kindness and determination

all over your face.


You deserve so much more from life,

Please dont give up on dreams,

It’ll be okay, it’ll be alright.

It will never be as dark as it seems.


So rise friend again,

To fight another day,

Maybe today,

Things will go your way.


Dedicated to my best friend – who should never give up

Rise friend.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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4 Responses to Rise Friend

  1. I am often bitter, but I decided to write a blog about it to show the humor in it all. Awesome poem!

  2. Sekandar Khan says:


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