Little Girl

Dedicated to my beautiful little niece.


Little girl,

Tripping through a field,

Her hand around my finger,

As if I am her shield.

Eyes open in wonder,

She gurgles at the world,

And the world gurgles back,

At the happy little girl.

Her hair in cute ponytails,

Her heart breaking smile,

She takes me here and there,

I’m smiling all the while.

She gazes in awe

at tall dense trees,

She merrily laughs,

At the flowers she sees.

Her eyes are full of wonder,

As she looks at an eagle in the sky,

For some reason that expression,

Makes me want to cry.

I want that awe, that wonder,

That pleasure in things small,

To stay in her eyes forever,

No matter how many times she falls.

I see her excitedly dance,

Across the field green,

Seeing for the first time,

What we have a thousand times seen.

I look through her eyes of innocence,

And see the world brand new,

and think with great happiness,

Of all the things she will do.

She bends over daisies,

She chases kitties and birds,

And the joy in her face,

speaks louder then words,

I pray that this dark world,

Never take away her joy,

That the world will never cease to be,

Her favorite toy.

I watch as she spins and laughs,

My heart overflows with love,

As she blows kisses to me,

My gentle little dove. ❤


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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2 Responses to Little Girl

  1. meiro says:

    Love her….she is so cute.


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