Of Greys and Rainbows.


They don’t know,

When they look at me,

Im so much more

Then what they see.

They think I’m only a spectator,

They count me out of their games,

Thinking I’ll calmly watch their lives,

Remembering their faces and names.

But I’m a person too,With my own hopes and dreams,

sometime I wish I could rebel,

Drown the world in my exultant screams.

They think me quiet, unassuming,

They underestimate who I am,

They think I’m one of the thinkers,

I’ll never do but I’ll always plan

I do dream of the impossible, yes,

I want to run till the edge of the world,

And then I want to lift up and fly,

And forever in the sky twirl.

Why cant they see the rebel in me?

The wildness behind my serene smile?

Why do they pass over me, uninterested,

Like some boring file.

But while they dress in vibrant hues,

And laugh at life in it’s face,

I’ll gather the colors inside me,

Just below the surface.

Maybe someday, someone will look close enough,

And see sky blue in my eyes,

And firey red behind my smile,

And know the grey around me is all lies.

They will see the rainbow in my soul,

so strong it burns bright.

Someone will finally see me,

As i take off in a blur of white.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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2 Responses to Of Greys and Rainbows.

  1. sethsnap says:

    Beautiful as usual. 🙂 Who did you have in mind when you wrote this?

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