Its Okay Right?


They say I should be strong,

The big brave girl,

I shouldnt cry.

They say it wont be long,

The pain will move on,

And so will I.

But I miss you,

And Im still so very young

And so is my heart.

I dont understand alot of things,

I accept facts grudgingly,

I know we had to part.

But you still are my knight,

My superhero,

My angel in disguise.

You are all the things,

I want to be,

Strong and kind and wise.

Its ok to miss you right?

To want you home,

To want you near.

Can i cry just a little please,

When its dark outside,

And you’re not here.

I’ll be brave tomorrow again,

When the world sees me,

The tears will have dried.

Noone will know when they look at me,

That something is missing,

That i have cried.

I love you now,

Love you forever,

Dont worry I will be fine.

I will wait a while,

For your loving embrace,

The one i know as MINE.

I love you baba.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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13 Responses to Its Okay Right?

  1. meiro says:

    Awesome post.


  2. sabeen tariq says:

    really touchyy…:”)

  3. sethsnap says:

    Lovely words. πŸ™‚ Also love the cute picture. And yes, it’s okay to miss. πŸ™‚

  4. JasmineKyleSings says:

    When the world looks at me that something is missing! Oh that shook me girl. Shook thank you.

    • saharsalman says:

      hahahaha Jasmine! Thanks for viewing and following. I’m guessing alot of people can relate to this line =p

      • JasmineKyleSings says:

        Oh yes of course. We could hardly be destroyed and let everyone know it. I’m a female and as you know we are prideful! Don’t want someone to destroy us and let them see it actually hurt us! Nor anyone else… Maybe that’s just me but I doubt it.

      • saharsalman says:

        No you are absolutely right. We have to show we survived. Part of the survival. Part ego. =)

      • JasmineKyleSings says:

        And why SOME ego is necessary. To much ego may be a over steer trying to correct a VERY broken hart. I never thought of that till this moment. I usually just thought they were assholes. HMM… I like you you inspire me!

      • saharsalman says:

        Hahahahaha thanyou! =D strangely enough I also just realized that messed up individuals have either huge plastic smiles or immense attitude problems. Human beings are strange lol.

      • JasmineKyleSings says:

        Yet so fascinating! Your Far from strange I must say! IT’s nice to talk to you. Your so sensible!

      • saharsalman says:

        Thankyou Jasmine =) For all three compliments =p..

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