Angels of Retribution


Flaming swords,

And widespread wings,

Alight to earth,

Retribution bring,

The city grows dark,

Fire and brimstone erupt,

Come to eliminate the bad,

To annihilate the corrupt,

The angels are arriving,

There will be no mercy today,

Hide if you can,

The innocent stay away,

The angels are here,

They surround you, no escape,

They are glowing, standing still,

No expression on their faces,

Your sins have been judged,

They come to justice render,

As one they condemn you,

Heaven will remember,

Say your last prayer,

As they raise their swords of fire,

They will watch you burn,

You are your own death – pyre,

See them turn away in regret,

With tears of pity in their eyes,

on to the next sinner,

The next person to die.

Note to Reader: This poem in noway reflects on any religious beliefs or teachings but is purely written from an imaginative point of view. No offense or undertones are meant


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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