Game of luck


This poem is for a friend who wanted me to be inspired by James Bond. Well here you are. The non-gambler wrote a casino poem! Enjoy!

A Deck of cards,

And a rolling dice,

Take it easy,

I’ll play nice.

Casino lights,

That brightly shine,

Eye on the pot,

It will be mine,

Raise the stakes,

And look for their tell,

He just blinked,

Her mouth just fell.


Sit and smile,

It’ll all be over,

In just a while.

Elese where in the room,

A man starts to cry,

He just lost his fortune,

To the rolling die.

The chips click,

Im on a roll,

But winning it all,

Now that’s my goal.

Full house, a flush,

She just said fold,

My eyes are on the cards,

My minds on the gold

Relax, sit back,

On velvet chairs,

I’ll call his bluff,

He pulled his ear.

This round was mine,

Last man left,

Look at my cards,

Make my bet,

Hes tense I know,

He’s also good,

But I’ll bring him down,

Like a player should.

Last chance to bet,

I’m all in,

Show your cards,

Guess I win.

Collect the chips,

And give a bow,

The nights not over,

The next table for now

Game of luck,

Trial of chance,

Test of fortune,

Ah, my gambling romance.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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