Soldiers Son


Brave soldiers son,

in a cradle you lie,

Too young to understand,

Why it is I cry,

I’ve watched your face light up,

To see the flames lick the town,

Heard you clap your hands,

As our walls came down,

The humming of planes is,

As much lullaby to you as my song,

You laugh in naive wonder,

To hear bullets fir the night long,

Your fathers dead little one,

And i am alone,

Who will look after you,

If I am gone?

War is not even a word to you,

And yet it has already taken away,

All your life could have been,

Had it never come our way.

A soldiers son are you,

I hope revenge never be your fate,

There has been too much death,

Too much blood spilt for hate

One day perhaps,

The fires will die down,

The planes will go away,

So we can rebuild our town.

Till then my soldiers son,

Untill war goes away,

My tears will be your night,

My  arms refuge your day.

I hope one day,

You will forget all that this

War has done to destroy,

much like you forget your hunger,

When i hand you your tattered toys

I pray for the day,

You can freely play and run,

We shall wait together,

Dead soldiers son.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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