One Last Waltz


The lights dim around us,

Silence envelopes the crowd,

We stand facing each other,

Tall, serene and proud,

The music starts up,

And we begin to dance,

Never saying a word,

Never avoiding each others glance,

Ironic is it not,

That we move just like before,

But there’s no answering music,

Within us anymore,

Tonight is the last waltz,

Our last dance goodbye

Before we part forever,

Without a word or sigh,

We touch hands and part,

And swirl silently,

Just like in real life,

Just as dramatically,

I move in time to your steps,

The music all around,

You lead me in a glide,

Wordless, not a sound,

One last waltz as memory,

A tribute to magic we shared,

One last circuit of the ballroom,

Testimony we once cared.

Your hand on my waist,

Three steps up and then down,

Perfect timing, perfect rhythm,

Oblivious to all around,

The end is coming near,

As you twirl me once more,

Our movements begin to slow,

I begin to eye the door,

Steeling myself i capture,

Memories of this dance,

Imprinting your every move,

Absorbing the intensity of your glance,

I curtsy on the last note

Graceful as a deer,

And walk away before the music stops,

Before i shed a tear…


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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