The Plunge


I’ve watched the sunset,

So many times,

Seen the day fade away,

heard the clocks last chimes..

Each time its different,

Like each different day,

Each time I’ve felt

trapped in Fates play.

I stand on a cliff,

and ponder on life,

Its joys and victories,

Its struggles and strife..

Ive tried so hard,

Not to conform to the world,

To be unique and special,

something new unfurled..

But each time i fight,

The chains of convention,

Ive found myself the centre,

Of unwanted attention,

Eyes that judge,

And hurt in their verdict,

Sneers that clearly,

opinions depict..

I look to the skies,

As my salvation,

My one chance of escape,

From all expectation.

I breathe deep and take the plunge,

Pour my soul into flight,

Knowing for certain,

I’ll be alright,

But like by everything else,

Ive been betrayed,

My last flight was never,

meant to be made.


About saharsalman

Aspiring poet. Spectator of life. Words of Whim.
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